Domain Name Management

Be Brandable. Be Blazing. Be Bold.

The most important aspect of your online business identity is your domain name. These days, your domain name should be synonymous with your brand. Most of your customers will visit your Web site before they meet you face-to-face. If you sell products and/or content online, then your domain name is a critical part of your business.

Professional Communications | Built in Advertising with Each Email

Domain Names allow you to personalize your Web site and email addresses. Sending email ending in address gives your customers confidence that you are a real company instead of a fly-by-night outfit. Properly registered domain names also help your email to sail past SPAM and virus control systems that are on the lookout for fake and malicious email accounts. Using a generic providers like gmail, Hotmail & yahoo are more likely to go straight to Junk or SPAM folder. Even worse, you may get black listed from servers if you misuse your email or are on a shared domain where bad email originates. Domain Name Management Services from Boise Web Hosting will help you deliver professional, genuine and customized email to your customers and contacts.

Your Domain Name + Your Web site = Your Online Real Estate

Your Domain Name and Web site is like real estate. A well-maintained domain that has great content it will appreciate in value over time. New Domains take a while to mature and will get better search engine rankings as they get more established and relevant. Boise Web Hosting will ensure that your Domain is hosted properly and has the required SRV and TXT records. We recommend that you add a SSL Certificate to show that your Web presence has been validated by an independent third-Party.