Office Protect

Protecting your cloud infrastructure from bad actors is a top priority. Every Assurity 365 Account comes with Monitoring & Alerts, Threat Protection, Reporting so we can defend your digital assets against, prying eyes, bad actors, and theft.

Monitoring & Alerts

24/7 Email Alerts
  • Any change ot your security policy
  • Sign-in from unusual locations, unknown devices or IP
  • Suspicious mailbox activities
  • Administrator abuse

Threat Protection

Deployment of Best Security Settings
  • Audit Logs Always-On
  • Mailbox Audit Logs Always-On
  • Enable MFA for admin/all users
  • Set Outbound spam notifications


Activity Dashboard and Reporting
  • Activity Dashboards
  • Automated Reports
  • Export to PDF or CSV

Why is Office 365 a growing target for hackers?

Because there's a lot at stake...

Sensitive Data

58.4% of a business's sensitive data in the cloud is stored in Microsoft Office documents.

Confidential Files

17.1% of the average company's files stored in OneDrive and SharePoint Online contain critical data, including financial records, forecasts, business plans and personal information.

Most Popular Enterprise Cloud

91.4% of businesses with at least 100 users are using Office 365.

Why do you need Office Protect?

Because it solves all of these problems in Office 365...

Persistent Threats

The average organization receives 2.7 threats each month in Office 365. Cybercrime is a growing threat, especially ransomware.

Human Error

Nearly half of security incidents in SMBs are due to human error.

Lack of Awareness

It takes just one uneducated or distracted user to open a malicious file that can harm an entire company.