Back Up Anything With A Single Solution

Protect every day by backup Windows/Linux servers, PCs, tablets, Mac Computers, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. You can also back up applications such as Office 365, SQL Server and Exchange Server. Anytime, from anywhere, to the cloud.

You're in Control

Secure Cloud Storage in SOC2
Type II-Compliant
Tier 3+ Datacenters
Total Visibility and Control
on Your Backups
Free to Choose Between Storage
Locations in the US & Canada
High Bandwidth for Fast Backup
& Recovery

The Only Way to Ensure
Your Data is 100% Protected

In-house Backups

  • Time-consuming
  • High cost
  • Low security / high risk of breach
  • Slow data recovery
  • Low accessibility to data
  • Limited IT support
  • Requires transportation & storage space
  • High risk of theft, fire, flood or other disaster

Online Backup

  • Automatic backups; set it and forget it
  • More affordable than physical backups or other business online backup plans
  • Data can be recovered in 3 different ways, usually in seconds
  • Data can be accessed and shared from anywhere in the world, at any time
  • Dedicated, expert 24/7 customer and data recovery support
  • Our Tier 3+, SOC 2 Type II certified and secure datacenters keep your business data safely stored and protected against disasters